Fereleth Lee

Fereleth Lee

Artistic Preferences

I started painting when I was about 5, and all I ever wanted to be when I grew up, was an “Artist”. I started off with Watercolours, then Oils, but in recent years settled down very comfortably with Acrylics. I have a yearning to go back to the Oils and Watercolours though, when I have time to experiment with them again. Pastels has been a recent medium too that I’ve dabbled in. I’ve enjoyed mosaic-ing and sculpture, love getting my hands dirty with paper mache. Most of my subject matter is to do with animals and birds, especially hares. I feel the spirit of an animal through their eyes.

Contact Details:

Mobile: 0439 274 998

Brief Biography

Born in the UK, having studied Interior Design, I arrived in Sydney when I was 25, after spending 4 years in Florence, Italy.
I moved to Tasmania in 2010. The beauty of this island never ceases to amaze me.
I have painted murals in schools, nursing homes, and private residences. I have been a finalist in Mural Fest 6 times, and won it in 2014 with my daughter, Jacqui and her partner, Tom. I have won a local sculpture competition twice, and runner up once. I spent several years putting together a children’s book called “A Caravan of Camels”, which is a literal portrayal of the collective nouns of animals. I have plans to branch out further with jigsaw puzzles of the illustrations as well as other items. Having recently retired, and living in Latrobe, I am looking forward to taking time to smell the roses, and experiment with diverse mediums.