Fiona Wallace

Fiona Wallace

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Fiona Wallace Ceramics
Functional ceramics for home and garden. Regular program of classes – see website or Facebook for details.

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Mobile: 0474 849 094
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Brief Biography

Fiona Wallace lives in rural North West Tasmania, Australia, surrounded by mountains and bushland and a short hop from Cradle Mountain World Heritage Area. Not formally trained (ie didn’t go to art school), she moved to Australia from the UK and counts among her teachers Peter Beard, Shozo Michikawa, Jo Connell and Ian Gregory. Her influences are the 20th century modernism of Lucie Rie, and more recently Robert Cannon and the Japanese practices of Kokadama and Kusamono.

Fiona has had a wide and varied career, training in medicine (general practice and emergency), completing a Masters in creative writing and writing seven novels. She circumnavigated the globe several times, living in major cities and on remote islands before settling in Tasmania. In 2013 she worked at a pottery outside Nagoya, Japan, which she says ‘finally gave me the confidence that I had reached a professional level of skill’.

She has always wanted to make ceramics that are part of daily life. The traditional mugs, jugs and bowls are a standard part of her repertoire, but her great love is making ceramics to contain plants. ‘The combination of the lasting strength of ceramic with the transience of green life speaks to something deep inside me. Whether my hands are delving in clay or soil, there is a contact with a fundamental part of the planet that I can find nowhere else.’

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