Inspire Fest

Inspire Fest has unfortunately been cancelled for 2020. The organisers apologise for this and hope to be in a position to hold this event in future years.

Aims of Inspire Fest

“To create an annual event that kindles commitment and interest in Kentish Outdoor Art Gallery.”
“To provide an event that brings artists receiving Disability Services, an opportunity to display their talents in a public forum and to promote their works as a valued art form.”

“To encourage these people to take a greater interest in the arts as a way of self expression and personal development.”

Extract from Inspire Fest web page.

Inspire Fest 2019 Winners

Judge’s Devonfield Awards

First Prize
Ray Mead
“The Last Fallen Petal”
Paper Cones

Second Prize
Zoe Banden
“Fantasy Road”
Pencil Sketch Painted

Third Prize
Maddison Jones
“The Beauty of Friendship”
Digital Artwork

Encouragement Awards

Judge’s Encouragement Award
Kelly Gardiner
“Life on the Farm”

Anthony Sherriff
“Creative Light”

Joanne Hunn
“Crazy Orange Lady”

Photographic Awards

First Prize
Andrew Laing
“Natural Beauty”
Photo Montage

Second Prize
Wendy VeltKamp

People’s Choice Awards

First Prize
Joe Dick
“Raining Colours”

Second Prize
Victoria Connors
Wool, Beads, Driftwood

Inspire Fest 2019 Artists

The 2019 Inspire Fest has attracted 69 Artists this year. Their names and details are listed below:


Inspire Fest 2019 Disability Service Providers

Devonfield has been a part of the Devonport community since 1959, supporting and empowering people
with a broad range of disabilities to reach their potential through individual and person focused programs
that meet their needs in every way possible.

leading social purpose organisation working in more than 440 communities across Australia. Their
services currently support just over 14,000 people living in their own homes or in residential houses that
LWB manage. LWB support children, young people and families, people with disability, older people and
people with mental illness. LWB work with people who are homeless and refugees and asylum seekers.

St Michaels provides opportunities for people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities to thrive and
grow in their independence. Offering residential options and day programs with integrated daily living
skills that support people achieving their goals and reach their full potential.

Wise believes everyone in the community has the right to work. Their tailored employment programs,
initiatives and workshops help move all people, regardless of their personal challenges into a job.
Everyone benefits when people are supported to realise their potential.

NOSS works with and for people with a disability to enhance their quality of life through the provision of
support in activities which promote their involvement in the community.

Tandara Lodge Community Care operates a Residential Aged Care Facility and also provides a range of
health services within the Kentish Municipality. Tandara organises a wide range of social events and
activities for the amusement, entertainment and education of residents and families.

Some of the entries from the 2018 Inspire Fest Event

2018 Inspire Fest Winners

First Prize“I Do” (Mona Lisa)Janice Stone
Second Prize“Peace and People”Linda Cox
Third Prize“Game of Masters”Ray Mead
Encouragement Award 1“Mystique”Jessica Aird
Encouragement Award 2“Forest Meets Sky”Jan O’Brian
Photographic Award 1“Rock A Thon”Kieren Walker
Photographic Award 2“Friends Forever”Phillip Acheson
People’s Choice Award 1“Dreaming”Bridgette Morris
People’s Choice Award 2“My Perfect World”Angela Calvert