Sheffield Visitor Information Centre

The Sheffield Visitor Information Centre is in the process of renovation its premises at 5 Pioneer Crescent, Sheffield. Staff are currently operating out of Kentish Council’s building, but will soon move to a temporary location inside the newly completed Sheffield Arts Centre whilst renovations are in progress.

“A patchwork tapestry of fertile farmland surrounds this quaint and quirky town. Sheffield has developed into a hub for fine arts and crafts people. Studio-galleries with woodcraft, glass and ceramics, are dotted around the region. At Working Art Space Sheffield a cooperative of local artists display their wares and demonstrate their skills for visitors. The Kentish Museum contains a wealth of information and artefacts which reveal the shire’s agricultural, industrial and social histories. “

History of Sheffield Visitor Information Centre

In 1993 the Sheffield Visitor Information Centre as it was first called was a project sponsored by the Kentish Development Agency in conjunction with the Kentish Council to be built on Council owned land. Building began on the 2nd September 1993 and the doors were opened to the public on 27th December 1993. The building was officially opened on the 26th January 1994 by the former Premier Hon. Robin Gray, MHA.

Incorporated into the building was a circular room housing a 3-D sight and sound exhibition that became known as “The Panorama of Kentish”. The exhibition had a backdrop consisting of a circular mural depicting Kentish country life between 1880 and 1930 and featured displays in front of the mural which fitted in with the mural theme. Four listening stations throughout the room related stories associated with the mural and provided appropriate sound effects.

The Kentish Development Agency became insolvent in 1994 and was officially dissolved on 21st December 1994 with the Panorama being disassembled and removed from the building by 31st January 1995. Ownership of the entire building reverted to the Kentish Council, which continued to operate the front section as The Sheffield Visitor Information Centre.