Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith (ne Miller)

Artistic Preferences

I am an Artist and Nature Photographer, specialising in fungi, lichen and natural landscapes. Experimenting with atmospheric seasonal changes and macro photography while enjoying the clean, pristine environment of the natural Tasmanian Forests and surrounds. And more recently enjoying the medium of pastels, watercolours and running an art class for seniors.

Contact Details:

Mobile: 0459 239 192

Note: Michelle’s Photography and Artworks are created in her maiden name of Miller.

Brief Biography

I could say I’ve always had an interest in art and have wanted to surround myself with the beauty of nature. Capturing it helps to keep the memory that bit more alive on days that are overcast and a bit sad. Its great to be able to go through my stock of photos and re-live the walks, adventures and joys of discovering the beauty of Tasmania where I’ve lived for the past 18 years. Before that I lived and grew up in Adelaide which has its own beauty but for me was too busy and took more of a drive to get to be in just nature, thus adding to my many roles as Mother, wife, artist, photographer, and teacher.