Mural Fest

The International Mural Fest is a truly unique art competition held annually in Sheffield – the ‘Town of Murals’ in Tasmania, Australia.  Commencing Easter Sunday every year, Mural Fest is so successful that similar events are now happening interstate and overseas.
The competition is conducted in Mural Park in the centre of town across the car park from the Visitor Information Centre

Extract from MuralFest Website

Each year, nine artists compete in a public ‘paint off’ from Easter Sunday to the following Saturday. Each artist must complete a 2100mm x 4800mm mural, using the same poem as the mural’s central theme and inspiration. Each year a new poem is selected, meaning no two Mural Fests are never the same.

2019 Mural Fest Winners

First Prize winner
“The Voyager”
Shane Walker
New Zealand

Encouragement & People’s Choice Winner
Marc & Debbie Spijkerbosh
New Zealand