Sheffield Inc

Sheffield Inc is a group of locals, keen to see the town buzzing with visitors amazed by their experiences in the area. We are eager to follow all the necessary steps towards presenting a town worthy of the nick names ‘Town of Murals’ and ‘Tasmania’s Outdoor Art Gallery’. We’re actively involved in commissioning new murals, and we’re progressive in our commitments towards tourism, hoping to create a unique adventure for everyone.

Extract from Sheffield Murals Website

Sheffield Inc has taken on the arduous tasks of the custodian of Tasmania’s Outdoor Art Gallery in the Kentish District, Our aim is to offer a complete and accurate history of the Sheffield Murals Project. While murals are added and removed from the various buildings, our website will endeavor to present ‘what is’ and ‘what has been’. The images and information about the murals on this website will be ongoing for as long as artists use brushes and paint.